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My Code of Ethics

My six core beliefs encompass the person I am today. They encourage me to be better every day and uphold myself in both a professional and personal setting. 


I care about the overall well being of everybody on the team. I will be reliable, communicate, and work collaboratively in a clear efficient way to help benefit the team. I will uplift my teammates and support them in their success and troubles. 


I strive to put my best work forward and always work hard to the best of my ability. I will have a cheerful and positive attitude towards others and my work. I accept constructive criticism and will work to improve my overall performance.


I am dedicated to giving the highest level of integrity by being truthful and honest. I will make commitments and work hard to consistently uphold them. I will not compromise my ethics or values.


I hold myself accountable by keeping my word and owning up to my actions. I will uphold my duties and what is expected of me. I will acknowledge my mistakes and work to improve them.  


I will prioritize caring for others and being sympathetic to those in need of help or protection. I understand people come from numerous backgrounds and will use active listening skills to empathize. 


I treat others with kindness, fairness, and dignity. I respect differences and disagreements in beliefs or opinions of others. I treat others how I would want to be treated. 

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